If your mom and dad are still together, you don’t understand how lucky you are


yeah, me too.

Anonymous: "sweetie, you can vent to me. I'm here to listen."

Last Friday, i heard my parents talking about something but i couldn’t hear on what they were talking about but my sister said my mom was in a grumpy mood, so i let that slide. And then later on in the day, my mom said she wanted to move and so many things went through my mind. At first i thought my parents wanted to move together but then i started to catch on what’s going. 

Around Sunday it was just me and her in the kitchen and she said she had a secret to tell me and curious me i asked why, she started to cry. And it brought me to tears to see my own mom crying because my own father doesn’t love her anymore but his at that stage again where he doesn’t care about anyone he hurts. I just want the pain to stop, I want everything to stop. Getting hurt like this all over again, his not only hurting her but his killing me inside. 

I have depression and it doesn’t help watching your family slowly falling a part again or wanting to jump in front of a moving train.

I don’t want to hurt anymore….


this kinda breaks my heart a bit because I know how it feels and it sucks a lot and awh ashton baby

And if you really need me
You gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder

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Anonymous: "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry to hear about this :("

its fine

Anonymous: "I'm good, how was your weekend sweetie?"

Well it’s wasn’t that good actually, my mom was looking for a new house to live in since her and my dad aren’t going to be living together anymore..



imagine if i actually ever saw selena gomez in real life i would pass the fuck out honestly pls can she tour again