Today was amazing. Renee and Max are two of the most genuine, sweet people I’ve ever met. Like Max was just hanging out and talking about Zoe because he misses her. And Renee had the biggest smile and warmest hug. I was super stoked that when I introduced myself as Lolo, they knew immediately who I was and Max gave me a shoutout to all the people standing around. Max even told me to not push myself to make the gifs if it took too much time. I was really touched that he showed concern about me and that they both showed appreciation for what I do on here. Maybe next year I’ll actually get a PAX badge and hang out with them again. #smilezfordayz


Ughhhhh I stg if  see one more picture poking fun at Ariana being young I’m gonna lose my shit. She’s more successful and mature than you could ever DREAM of being. So what if she’s 5 ft tall no ones cares shut up 

Ariana and Big Sean were at the Studio 8 hours ago

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Your Body Is Beautiful And You Are A G o d d e s s 

i absolutely adore this but aren’t skinny girls in there? some girls have a high metabolism and they stay relly skinny even if they eat a ton. are they not beautiful?


Harry Potter + Scenerygasm

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"A breeze ruffled the neat hedges of Privet Drive, which lay silent and tidy under the inky sky, the very last place you would expect astonishing things to happen. Harry Potter rolled over inside his blankets without waking up. One small hand closed on the letter beside him and he slept on, not knowing he was special, not knowing he was famous, not knowing he would be woken in a few hours’ time by Mrs. Dursley’s scream as she opened the front door to put out the milk bottles, nor that he would spend the next few weeks being prodded and pinched by his cousin Dudley…He couldn’t know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: "To Harry Potter - the boy who lived!"

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